Queer Cover Project

About Us

The QCP will create an all-queer rendition of the song "Let it Go" from Disney's movie Frozen. There's been a lot of buzz about the possible queer themes that could be drawn from Frozen, but we wanted to create something unambiguously queer. The cover will be a celebration and embrace of queerness in all its forms and identities, made for the queer community by the community.

Hopefully an accompanying music video will be included, along with short interviews of individuals that can help describe what it means to them to be queer.

If you are a queer individual that can sing, plays an instrument, has experience in audio or video production, or is willing to help out in any way, we'd love to have your help! We'd especially like to encourage and welcome individuals with identities less-represented or misrepresented in the media (eg non-LGB, individuals of color, 
gender variant, polyamorous)

What Is Queer?

Here, "queer" is used as a reclaimed term to refer to people who identify with the word. Many people with sexuality, gender, romantic or other identities that are rejected, ignored, invalidated by, or run contrary to social norms use the term. We acknowledge its history as a derogatory term and apologize to those who feel alienated by its use. It was used intentionally as an alternative to GLBT+, as that acronym is often also alienating. In general, Gender, Romance, and Sexual Minority is a great way to describe the community. 

This video is the original version of "Let it Go". Our version will include revised lyrics (check out the tab above!) and all-queer instrumentals and vocals.

Edit: I just found this lovely, relevant cover by the wonderful and hilarious Dixie Lynn Cartwright. Lend her your ear and she'll win your heart.

"Let it Go" - Drag Queen Cover